Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to Die Englischfee

Fall has arrived! And with the new season, new courses are in order. Here is a list of classes I am offering in September and October. From November to January I will make a Winter Pause. To sign up for any of these courses, please send me an email.

Pocket Knife Courses 2016

In these courses, children will learn how to safely use and carve with a Swiss Army pocket knife. There is plenty of time for carving, making instruments and spears and then playing with what they have created. The course is led by Tomm Baumann ( I will be Tomm's assistant if there are more than 5 children registered.


October 22, 2016- Erlebnisbaumschule, Gilching

Forest Camp at MuKuNa: Oct 15, 2016

This fall Forest Camp will focus on the change of the seasons and the forest...the leaves, the mushrooms, the animals and the plants. Children will spend a half day in the forest, discovering and exploring, and a half day in the art workshop, creating. Lunch is cooked over an open fire!

Time: 10-16h
Cost: 65 Euros per child, 10% sibling and bring-a-friend discount

Halloween Party: Saturday, October 29, 2016

On October 29, 2016 we will have a dress-up party for children complete with marshmellow roasting over our campfire, a scavenger hunt for candy, an art workshop for children, a potluck dinner for everyone and games for children of all ages! 

Time: 14-18 (possibly later....depending on how you and your children are...but we are there and open)

Cost: 20 Euros for one parent/one child, 5 Euros each additional parent/child. Children under 3 are free.

Please send me and email to register.

Space is limited and we were full last year!